Hitting the nail right on the head, as posted on PolitickerNJ.com:

“Either multimillionaire Corzine doesn’t care or he absolutely does not understand that families really are losing their homes, bread winners are losing their jobs and businesses are going bankrupt, said an exasperated Karrow, R-Hunterdon and Warren. “Then again, this is a governor who is doing his best to blame the state’s fiscal mess on the national recession.

“Make no mistake, our economic crisis is not the result of the Wall Street meltdown,” she continued. “This pot has been on a slow boil for the past seven years. The governor and Democrats created it with too much taxing, spending and borrowing. It’s nonsense to suggest, as he is, that we can tax, spend and borrow our way out of it, yet Governor Corzine has been and continues to be relentless in his efforts to do that.”


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