The cost of corruption?

John Bury’s blog asks the following questions:

I want to know, simply put, is what Corzine is doing about New Jersey’s five biggest burdens on taxpayers?

1) Cost of corruption: New Jersey’s patented brand of pay to play, conflict of interest, nepotism, patronage, no-show or low-show jobs, cronyism, public sector insider enrichment at the public trough, insider contracts, commissions for relatives, stipends, kickbacks, favors in exchange for non-competitive bids, outright theft, etc, etc, etc);

2) Cost of public sector pensions;

3) Cost of public sector health care;

4) The ever increasing New Jersey public sector headcount: The public sector workforce in NJ has increased by 50,000 since 2002! Compare this to the private sector losing at least 250,000 jobs in the state during 2008. Add to this loss the number of taxpaying, private sector residents who continue to leave New Jersey in an accelerating exodus; and

5) The “intangibles”: At a recent NJBIA meeting we were told by a State Workers’ Compensation judge that the OSHA injury/illness rate among the public sector is five times that of the private sector in New Jersey. This is a prime indicator of the malaise and rot going on in all levels of the public sector workforce – the culture of lying, cheating, fraud, getting over, grabbing as many days off as you can, seeing a fellow worker getting away with a scam and doing the same thing yourself lest you miss out.


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