If it is wrong today, it must be wrong tomorrow

Corzine is endorsing the delay in a housing fee that has halted new commercial development.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine endorsed a proposal Tuesday to delay a 2.5 percent developer’s fee intended to help pay for affordable housing.

Money from the fee, levied on the value of commercial projects, is meant to help cover the cost of constructing housing for people with low and moderate incomes.

“I am calling today for a one-year moratorium,” said Corzine, who signed the fee into law in July as part of a larger affordable-housing reform bill.

Our question is this. If he is acknowledging that the fee is hurting jobs and the economy, then why would it ever be acceptable to levy it. Is there an acceptable level of unemployment? Is there an acceptable rate of destroyed livelihoods?

If it is wrong today, if it impedes growth today, then it will do the same next year. I suppose Jon is willing to accept a certain amount of collateral damage to further his progressive social programs.


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