Corzine to Fund own Campaign

From Newsday today:

New Jersey‘s multimillionaire Democratic governor said he is planning to fund his own re-election bid this year rather than rely on public money, virtually assuring that requests by less-wealthy Republicans to limit campaign spending will go unheeded.

The former CEO of Goldman Sachs sank more than $40 million into his gubernatorial campaign in 2005 and about $65 million into a successful run for U.S. Senate in 2000.

New Jersey gubernatorial candidates can receive up to $10.4 million, but only if they limit overall spending to $15.9 million.

So corzine spent $40,000,000 for a job that pays $157,000. If he spends this year like he did last election, he will easily be able to triple what his challengers are legally allowed to spend. That’s right, even if they were able to raise the sort of chump change that Corzine is tossing around, they are not allowed to do so. Stacked deck? You betcha! Fair play? Not a chance!

So once again, this incompetent and it appears somewhat corrupt politician will buy an election. Can New Jersey endure another four years?


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