We borrowed the following from discoverthenetworks.org, a political insider watchdog site. So when we claim that Corzine is crooked, we do have a basis for that opinion.

Though he prevailed in New Jersey’s gubernatorial elections, ethics questions shadowed Corzine’s campaign. Among the more damaging revelations was that Corzine had forgiven a $470,000 loan to his erstwhile girlfriend, Carla Katz, who also happened to be the head of the state’s largest employee union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA). Not only did Corzine omit all mention of the loan on his Senate expense reports, but just six months after issuing the loan to Katz, the CWA endorsed his 2000 Senate campaign. Corzine’s scrupulousness was again called into question when news broke that, just over a month after announcing his candidacy for governor, Corzine had invested $7 million in Ichan Partners LP, a privately held hedge fund managed by New Jersey casino operator Carl Ichan. The investment was in direct violation of New Jersey’s Conflicts of Interest Law, which prohibits governors from holding financial interests that pose a “reasonable risk of the public perception of a conflict of interest” with gambling companies. Corzine reportedly made $100,000 from his investment. Pressed about his controversial involvement with Ichan, Corzine refused to answer questions about his financial partners.

Corzine’s questionable financial dealings did not end there. After announcing his decision to seek a U.S. Senate seat, Corzine had promised to place his assets into a blind trust so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest. But in 2005, only $86 million of his $262 million holdings was in a blind trust. The Record newspaper of Hackensack, NJ, also reported in 2005 that Corzine, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, had voted for a 2004 tax treaty with Japan that earned him a large tax break. Corzine insisted that he had derived no economic benefit from the treaty, but Corzine’s critics disputed that defense, noting that Corzine’s reluctance to disclose his assets made it impossible to come to a clear judgment about the ethicality of his role in the treaty’s enactment.


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