Paul Mulshine has a great blog on Today he has some intelligent words to say about our governor.

In honor of Gov. Corzine, I hereby create “The Corzine Perspective.” This term applies to people who are plenty smart but who for some reason lack the ability to reconcile two conflicting ideas.

In his State of the State address the other day, for example, the Gov made the usual pledges to attract business to the state and cut property taxes. But he also expressed support for the incompetent Council On Affordable Housing (COAH) bureaucracy that makes those aims impossible to achieve.

Corzine promised to bring property taxes down. And one of the few ways to bring property taxes down is to add new commercial tax ratables without adding new housing. If you add new housing, the cost of educating the children who live therein cancels out any ratable growth.

Then there’s the fact that New Jersey has not added any net private jobs since the Democrats took over in 2002. With an unemployment rate of more than 6 percent, we need jobs for the people who already live here. Nonetheless Corzine and Doria insist that if a town adds jobs it must add houses.

Please take the time to read the entire article. He is one of the few people that makes sense of the entire COAH fiasco that has contributed to New Jersey’s inability to climb out of the current economic crisis.


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