Today’s Courier Post reports on Corzine’s desire to borrow money for green space:

With the state out of preservation funds, the Democratic governor proposed a short-term borrowing solution in Tuesday’s State of the State that would essentially extend the 2007 stopgap funding plan for another cycle. While Corzine didn’t attach a dollar amount to the proposal, the 2007 referendum was for $200 million.

Maintaining open space and green space is admirable. If  Jeff Tittel wants more green space, let the Sierra Club pay for it.

“A one-year quick fix isn’t going to do it. Especially if we go on the ballot this year for one year’s worth of funding, the concern is that voters might not approve it because of what’s happening with the economy,” said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “The governor has campaigned against more debt.”

Even Jeff admits the majority of taxpayers may not vote for increased debt in these economically troubled times. That doesn’t stop him from wanting to ram his agenda down the throats of New Jersey residents already struggling and over-burdened with obscene taxes.

Jon Corzine is worth hundreds of millions, why doesn’t he use his own money if he truly believes in his own agenda? Or is his agenda truly to bankrupt every citizen in his quest of creating the perfect People’s Republik of New Jersey?

The fact is we cannot afford to add any more debt, we cannot afford higher taxes and surcharges and fees every time we turn around.


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