Kick the disabled when they are down, keep the patronage jobs intact

The following came from our favorite political blog,

Governor Corzine has proposed cutting the appropriations of two programs that support people with disabilities while he refuses to embrace a Republican proposal that would save six times as much if he would only scale back patronage positions. One appropriation Corzine is cutting, by $11 million, is for “Early Intervention Services” which supports children with disabilities in the extremely important early stages of development. A second appropriation Corzine is cutting is for “Community Services Waiting List” which supports the placement of people with disabilities in appropriate home-placements.

“In 2005, candidate Corzine engaged in scare tactics, airing ads suggesting his opponent didn’t care about people with disabilities, ” said Allen. “The Governor’s past campaign demagoguery on disability issues does not square with his choice to cut programs that serve people with disabilities instead of scaling back patronage positions – a proposal that would save far more.”

“Governor Corzine needs to swing the budget axe at a bloated patronage system that will get far more savings for taxpayers instead of attacking programs that serve people with disabilities, ” Allen concluded.

It seems as if Corzine like Louis Magazzu, Cumberland County NJ Freeholder Director, prefers the advantage of using public money for patronage rather than for programs to serve the taxpayers.


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