Just a Kickoff for his Campaign?

PhillyBurbs.com had this to say:

Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s state-of-the-state address drew a mostly partisan response from Burlington County’s elected officials.

The county’s two Democrats in the Legislature said they appreciated the governor’s positive outlook as well as his plans to help the state through the current economic crisis.

“We’re all looking for some good news because we know times are difficult, and I think (Corzine) conveyed to us that he is on the right track,” said Assemblyman Jack Conners, D-7th of Pennsauken, on Tuesday following the governor’s speech.

But Republican lawmakers representing the county were mostly critical of Corzine’s address, arguing he failed to inspire confidence or articulate a clear plan for addressing the state’s economic problems.

Republican state Sen. Diane Allen, D-7th of Edgewater Park, called the speech “not so much a state-of-the-state but a kickoff for his campaign.” She also said the state needs to address the economy quickly rather than waiting for federal help.

“After three years of raising taxes and increasing tolls + to say he’s doing a good job, it’s absurd,” Allen said. “He needs to take action today on an enormous number of things; the exponentially increasing numbers of homeless in our county, growing unemployment, companies on the edge and families on the edge. We can’t afford to wait for President Obama and the new Congress. We need to take responsibility over our state now.”


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