It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Our favorite blog,, had this tidbit about Jon Corzine:

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-21) called upon the Corzine Administration to reverse their incomprehensible stance on State vehicle purchases and support Republican legislation to promote fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicle use by both the private and public sectors.

Despite the issuance of a global warming response report that mandates increased fuel efficiency standards, media reports indicate that the Corzine administration will be accepting bids to buy SUVs with fuel economy that “barely escapes the single digits.”

“An administration that has no problem piling environmental mandates on a business community that is already reeling from six years of relentless Democrat tax and fee increases should start practicing what it preaches,” said Kean. “This administration insisted on special higher taxes on the purchase of SUVs in order to protect the environment, but when it comes to their own purchases, they think those vehicles are just fine.”

We understand Corzine’s opinion. If he were not riding shotgun, with no seat belt, in a huge gas guzzling SUV he might have suffered even worse injury to his body.

And we understand that most New Jersey Democrat politicians are more than willing to vote ‘green’ while they drive ‘mean’. Take Matt Milam, who parks his SUV in handicapped spots. Senator Jeff Van Drew prefers huge SUVs, also.

They will all talk ‘green’ as long as they are not required to ‘drive green’. They will legislate ‘green’ as long as it doesn’t affect them personally.


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