Surfing the Net for “Jersey Corruption”

While surfing, free association searches through Google, I stumbled upon this gem of a forum:

How do you feel about Governor Jon Corzine’s campaign against New Jersey State Corruption?

Do you feel he is getting anywhere? Or do your think it is the same corruption as usual? (Or worse…)

Personally, I think the way the governor appoints our Attorney General as well as the head of the New Jersey Supreme Court helps corruption stay in business. Many states elect their state’s Attorney General. New Jersey’s governor has too much power.

Governor Jon Corzine has some ethical questions of his own. It’s going to be interesting to see how his former relationship with a girlfriend, who was a union leader, turns out. With him running the courts of New Jersey and the Attorney Generals’ office, the truth will probably never come out.


I agree Corzine is corrupt like most of NJ’s politicans.
Hopefully the truth will come (before November’s election ha!).
You know the sheep will vote everyone back into office.
Have looked around and haven’t found another state where I want to move.
How can we reclaim our state?

There is so much more – explore the site and enjoy. It’s good for a few chuckles.


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