Performance Anxiety?

Assemblywoman Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblyman Scott Rudder are not happy with Corzine’s performance.

As Governor Jon Corzine delivered his State-of-the-State address today in Trenton, Assemblywoman Dawn Marie Addiego, R-Burlington, and Assemblyman Scott Rudder, R-Burlington, issued the following statement:

“The governor talks a better game than he delivers.  While our state faces a budget and employment crisis, he is not willing to meet these problems head on.  He is delaying making the difficult, but necessary decisions,” said Addiego.

“Our fiscal catastrophe is the result of seven years of new taxes and tax increases, excessive borrowing, and out of control spending,” said Rudder.

“For example, we spend billions of dollars in school districts that continue to show disappointing results in testing scores and graduation rates.  Instead of allocating more funding to underperforming schools, we need to demand more accountability.  That starts with the governor,” Rudder continued.


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