Jon’s Emails are Ruled Private

From an Associated Press article yesterday:

Gov. Jon Corzine won a round Monday in his fight to keep private his e-mail exchanges with a union leader he once dated.

A New Jersey appeals court reversed a lower court ruling requiring the e-mails to be made public and authorizing a judge to inspect the communications.

The Democratic governor has been fighting to keep the correspondence between himself, his staff and Carla Katz private since the e-mails were requested by a Republican leader and several news organizations, including The Associated Press.

A three-judge appeals panel said the e-mails are covered by executive privilege, which allows officials to withhold certain information in the interest of governing.

“The release of confidential e-mails may have a chilling effect on the governor’s ability or willingness to solicit advice, or to accept unsolicited advice in the future,” the three-judge panel wrote.

Actually Republicans are happy they lost this round. They need this issue to stay in the public eye until November, festering like an open sore. After all, our amnesiac public has already forgotten the Zulima Farber affair, Seatbeltgate, and so much more!


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