Is Corzine up to the Cuts?

From this afternoon:

“Gov. Corzine should have started cutting the state’s budget four years ago,” said Bramnick, R-Union, Morris, Somerset and Essex. “Corzine failed to plan for a rainy day. Now, when we’re in a storm, he’s trying to embrace some of the budget cuts we’ve been calling for and taxpayers have needed.”

Bramnick pointed to several examples of egregious wastes of taxpayer dollars in recent years:

  • $2 million thrown away to finance a feel-good soccer film “Gracie.”
  • $55,000 charged on a credit card by the head of a state agency on personal travel, a laptop and premium chocolates for Valentine’s Day and Halloween.
  • $17 million in cost overruns for the International High School in Paterson whose price tag grew from $31.9 million estimated in 2001 to $49 million when it finally opened last fall.
  • $87 million for Capital City State Park developed so there can be a grass field between the capital complex and Route 29 instead of hundreds of State House visitor’s parking used by residents who want to see their government operate.

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