I Never Met a Tax I Didn’t Like!

Another gem from our favorite outsider:

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know, more on Corzine! But as long as he is front page news, I will have to comment.

On the proposed tax on clothing, he said that nobody wants to tax clothes but competing needs might require it. Okay… rewind back to the days of Jim “Never saw a tax I didn’t like” Florio who imposed a 10% tax on big trucks and on boats. Overnight he destroyed two industries in NJ. The boat manufacturing industry almost went completely belly-up. Three thousand people lost their jobs. Yep, that tax increase worked!

Fact: With no tax on clothing, NJ attracts millions of shoppers from the Pennsylvania and New York area, both states which impose tax on clothing. With a clothing tax, we just lost all of that business. Ponder that for a while, Jon-boy.

Fact: A tax on clothing would hit the low-income and working middle-class-poor the most. This is a regressive tax if ever there was one. Thanks a lot, Mr. Social Conscience! With his millions, Jon would not be affected at all with a little tax on clothes, he just spent what would amount to the municipal budget of the City of Millvile on winning two elections.


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