Dredging up Zulima Farber

I dug up this gem from an unlikely source, the website of a self-proclaimed outlaw artist! The post is dated January 24, 2006. How quickly the public forgets…

Jon Corzine promised new beginnings as his term as Governor of New Jersey commences. And yet, 11 members of his cabinet are leftovers from the failed McGreevey administration. What the hell is up with that?

Senator Gerald Cardinale told Zulima V. Farber, Jon Corzine’s appointee for Attorney General: “Your record taken in its totality does not support the notion that you have respect for the law.” Later, he said that approving Ms. Farber’s nomination might send a message “to young people, to the whole population of the state of New Jersey, that it’s O.K. to offend the law repeatedly time after time. To have bench warrants issued for your arrest is not an impediment. I cannot bring myself to vote for you.”


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