Corzine Sucks?

Type “Corzine Sucks”  into a search engine and you don’t end up here. You end up here!

For whatever reason, this site has moved up to third place when you Google “Corzine sucks.” I’d noted this phenomenon earlier, and was a bit perplexed by it.

Now, according to my referral logs, my number of “Corzine sucks” search hits has increased dramatically since the governor submitted his new budget. I guess that’s not terribly surprising. There’s clearly a core group of people out there who are deeply unhappy with Corzine’s “tax-the-air-we-breathe” approach to budgetary policy. I find that reassuring, because I was beginning to think such people didn’t exist. Most folks I talk to in this monolithically Democratic continue to insist with a straight face that the budget is all the Republicans’ fault. Presumably, they’re talking about that RINO governor the state had three governors ago.


2 Responses to “Corzine Sucks?”

  1. Now this site is 2nd on Google’s Corzine Sucks search. I just hope the good people of New Jersey don’t make the mistake of hiring this ex Goldman’s Sacks failure again. I just hope that more voters actually work rather than barely work (see any rest stop) at a handout job or sit at home collecting welfare. Otherwise Cortisone will win again and NJ will be doomed.

  2. I am glad the sensible voters outnumbered the stupid ones this time. I cant believe he even got as many votes as he did. it just goes to show how the people of NJ are mostly stupid. When he first ran for governor – his ex wife warned NJ that he would turn his back on them just like he did his family. the warning signs were there, he was in bed with Katz and hiding his emails. now he showed everyone his true colors by pardoning the criminals and placing all of his friends in office before he left . He never cared about us, he just sold us down the river like every other democrat. Hooray for the few who had the good sense not to side with him, but mostly they all stick together. now Poor christie is left holding the bag. it will take him a long time just to catch up so he can actually start making a difference, and the democrats in their infinite blasphemy will try to convince us how bad of a job he is doing while they work to undermine him – and you know what – in four years – we will be probably see all the stupid people come back out again and put us back in the same bind we are in now. Anyway for the record – CORZINE SUCKS – worse than MCGREEVEY – what do you call two sucky governors in a row – CRAPS

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