Corzine no friend of the middle class…

Corzine is no friend of the middle class, at least according to GOP Strong, a grass roots conservative group.

“What we heard from the governor today is that he endorses more state programs and more big government spending. He has absolutely no concern for the middle class – just a laundry list of social programs he endorses,” said Michael Ramaglia.

“Given the financial mess that the state is mired in, Gov. Corzine and the legislature have a great opportunity to remake state government – to make it smaller, more effective and less of a burden on the middle class and on business. Instead, he chose to endorse more spending and to once again, pit the cities against the suburbs.”

GOP Strong Co-Chair Michael Mecca said Corzine’s “get tough” attitude small municipalities was misplaced.  Corzine said he will hold municipalities to a strict 4 percent budget cap.

“The problem with property taxes in New Jersey isn’t the fault of well-run municipalities; it is the state mandates that pass costs from the state to the municipal level,” said Mecca.

Among the most egregious mandates, said Mecca are those created by the Council on Affordable Housing that force towns to build low income housing.

“On the one hand, the governor is talking about forcing towns to hold the line on property taxes and on the other hand he is championing a disastrous COAH plan that will increase the local property tax burden,” said Mecca.  “The plan is so bad, that not even his own party leaders endorse it.”


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